8/10 digit coding, uncompressed video transmission

One/two-ring redundancy

Fault/ power-off self-isolation, power-on self-recovery

Exceed RS250C regulations to SNR, DG, DP

Auto compatible with PAL, NTSC, SECAM

With APC circuit, constant optical power output, large dynamic range

Support CWDM hybrid network

Gigabit fiber transmission, large capacity, easy to upgrade

Support adding extents, plug-in multi-channel, Ethernet signals etc.

Power supply and LED indicator monitors the running status of the system

Lightning and surge protection

Industrial and modular designs make the device reliable and flexible

Power supply, optical link, data state indicator, easy to operate on site

Support network management

* Bandwidth: 8MHz
* Interface: BNC
* Voltage:1Vp-p, 75Ω
* DG(10-90% APL): DG<1%(typical)
※ DP: (10-90% APL): DP<1°(typical)
* SNR(weighting): S/N≥67dB(max optical link loss)
* Interface terminals: RJ-45
* Interface signals: RS-232/485/422, Manchester, Biphase
* Bit rate: 0-256Kbps
* Error rate: ≤10⁻⁹
* Interface: FC/ST
* Fibers: single fiber
* Wavelength: 1310/1550nm
* Mode: Single/Multi-mode
* Optical   power LD: (-11 to -4)dBm
* Receiving   sensitivity: ≥-26dBm

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Dual fiber self-healing ring transmission