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HuaFeiTech Application of Communication Transmission Equipment in " Israel Jerusalem City Traffic Vehicle Project"

I. overview

Vehicle - mounted image monitoring system is an important part of the construction of urban traffic safety operation. The system monitors real-time video images inside the running bus and records these video images for bus operators and public security bureaus to grasp the situation inside the bus in time and facilitate drivers to observe the situation of passengers getting off the bus at the rear door. It is convenient for bus drivers and bus operators to manage and guard against public security. It is part of building a safe city and conducive to social harmony and development.

II. Solutions

The vehicle-mounted image monitoring system mainly consists of a vehicle-mounted camera, a vehicle-mounted video encoder, an industrial Ethernet switch, a vehicle-mounted network video recorder and a power supply system.

This project adopts Hua Fei's technical and industrial vehicle switch. The system is fully considered to be affected by unstable factors such as vibration, impact, electromagnetic interference and so on during the driving of the vehicle. On - board LAN is an industrial Ethernet switch with HF - EN 1008, which is converged by cameras installed in the car through five types of cables. Through the 8 M12 service interfaces of HF - EN 1008 switch, the data exchange and interconnection between the on-board network video and the on-board camera can be realized. The on-board network video recorder stores local video images and can send data to the line dispatching station or dispatching command center wirelessly.

III. System Structure Diagram


IV. Equipment Characteristics

equipment has compact structure, small size and flexibility, and is convenient for fixed installation.
adopts M12 aviation plug imported from Germany, which effectively prevents the interface from falling off and is safe and reliable.
four electromagnetic compatibility protection design, effectively prevent electromagnetic interference;
● No fan cooling, IP40 protection grade design, improve product performance;
wide temperature work - 40 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃;
good shock resistance and vibration resistance;
has dustproof and salt fog - proof characteristics and is suitable for harsh working conditions.

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