To Huafeitech Customers-- Keep Mutual Business Growth Going despite the COVID-19 Outbreak

Dear partners,

Facing the difficult challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic,The health and safety of our customers,employees,vendors and communities are very important to us,and our thoughts are with everyone during this difficult time.

We understand that our customers still have responsibilities to handle,and we want to let you know that Beijing Huafeitech is running as usual and you can reply on us.Huafeitech still maintains its normal operation to meet market demands.Like any other day,we will continue to advance technology level and develop innovative networking and communications products.Please keep out business contacts going as usual so as to benefit businesses on the basis of mutuality.

We hope we can all return to our normal lives as soon as possible and appreciate you bearing with us until then.In the meantime,please feel free to reach out to your respective contacts at Huafeitech at any time to communicate your needs.

The health and safety of all of you and your families is of critical importance.Stay safe,stay health and take care.