Huafei Technology helped Changsha Metro Line 6 open smoothly


The whole city is close to each other. At 13:58 on June 28, Changsha Metro Line 6 was officially opened for initial passenger operation. After more than four years of construction, Changsha people finally arrived at the "transfer king" subway, which has the largest number of districts and counties, the widest area, the longest line, the most stations and transfer stations, and the most difficult construction. Line 6 is the east-west backbone line, which starts from Meixi Lake International New Town in the west and ends at Huanghua Airport in the east. The total length of the line is 48.11 kilometers, with 34 stations, crossing five districts and one county of Changsha, connecting many universities and hospitals in series. It is the first direct line to the airport in Changsha, and also the first subway line adopting PPP mode in Changsha.


Changsha Metro Line 6 has a long line, many stations and large passenger flow, so it has strict requirements for the reliability, stability and real-time of all systems. Huafei Technology has tailored reliable solutions for the on-board PIS system and access control system of Changsha Metro Line 6. The technology team of Huafei Technology has fulfilled its mission in the project construction. Faced with such adverse factors as the long line, heavy commissioning tasks, and the COVID-19, Huafei Technology has stayed on the project site for many times, worked with relevant units to overcome difficulties, successfully completed a series of commissioning tasks for the whole line, and helped Changsha Metro Line 6 to open smoothly!

Changsha Metro Line 6, adhering to the concept of "human fashion, safety and reliability, green environmental protection, intelligent high-end", has created many "firsts".


Actively apply technologies such as station panoramic control, intelligent digital inspection and intelligent switching station to build the first "smart subway" in Changsha.



For the first time, Type A vehicles were used in Changsha, and the maximum passenger capacity of each train was expanded to 2592 people.



For the first time, mobile wireless charging device is configured in the whole line to improve the humanized experience.



It is the first time to adopt inter-section seamless line in Changsha, which greatly improves ride comfort.



For the first time, the columnless design is adopted at Jiantang Station, Xiangya Hospital Station, Chaoyang Village Station, and Agricultural University Station of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences. With the extension and flow of the streamlined ceiling, the station space is more spacious and transparent.


In addition, Changsha Metro Line 6 has a more intelligent performance than other lines of Changsha Metro that have been put into trial operation: there is an electronic display screen near the screen door of each train, and the lower left position of the display screen will display the congestion degree of each carriage in real time.


As a subway line covering the east-west passenger flow corridor of the city, Changsha Line 6 will effectively relieve the east-west traffic pressure, guide the orderly expansion of the city, and quickly connect the Hexi Intercity Rail Hub and Huanghua Airport. After the initial operation of Line 6, Changsha urban rail transit "meter" frame and double "ten" expansion line grid bureau have been fully formed, and a national comprehensive transport hub integrating high-speed rail, aviation, intercity railway, subway, maglev, expressway and public transport "seven in one" has taken shape under the guidance of rail transit. As a rail transit network solution provider, Huafei Technology will continue to escort the construction and operation of smart rail in China.