New Year Gift | Huafei Technology helps Chongqing Rail Transit Line 10 Phase II open and operate!

The second phase of Chongqing Rail Transit Line 10 (Liyuchi to Houbao) was officially opened to traffic at 14:00 on January 18 and put into initial operation. A new north-south channel was added to the central urban rail transit, which not only alleviates the traffic pressure on the south bank, Jiangbei and Yuzhong, but also provides convenience for citizens to travel. Chongqing North Railway Station or Jiangbei Airport can be reached directly through the second phase of rail transit line 10, providing more convenience for the Spring Festival transportation. Huafei technology communication equipment is applied to the line video monitoring system, contributing to the development of Chongqing rail transit!


The second phase of Line 10 (Liyuchi to Houbao) is not long, with a total length of 6 kilometers and 4 stations, but it contains many bright spots!

Cross the Yangtze River in more than one minute to experience the train "crossing the building"

Nanjimen special track bridge is the world's largest span special cable-stayed bridge for urban rail transit, and is also an important river-crossing channel for Line 10 Phase II project. As one of the highlights of the line, many details are amazing. The total length of Nanjimen Rail Bridge is 1215.878 meters. The train can cross the Yangtze River in more than one minute after passing the bridge, which will greatly relieve the traffic pressure across the river. In the future, when citizens pass the bridge by rail transit train, they can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery along the Yangtze River, but also experience the train "crossing the building".


The first railway bridge station in China is amazing

The design of Zengjiayan Station of Line 10 Phase II is unique. It is located on the south bank of the Zengjiayan Bridge on the Jialing River, and is the first rail transit station built on the super-large steel truss bridge in China. Zengjiayan Station has 4 entrances and 3 emergency exits. The station is divided into three parts: platform floor, transfer platform and equipment room. The platform floor is built on the Zengjiayan Bridge on the Jialing River. Passengers can transfer to Line 2 in 3 minutes by going up and down the stairs.


Equipped with a variety of "black technologies", safer and more energy-saving

Intelligent energy saving, fire detection and alarm... Line 10 Phase II is equipped with various "black technology", which is full of science and technology. The intelligent customer service center replaces the traditional ticket booth and integrates ticket card processing, voice inquiry, information inquiry and other functions. The platform door integrated display screen can intelligently display the platform door status, train number, vehicle load, compartment congestion and other information. The intelligent energy control and energy saving system is adopted for the first time in the second phase of Line 10. The management personnel can remotely and centrally monitor and manage energy equipment to realize intelligent, green and energy-saving operation.


As a provider of rail transit communication equipment and solutions, Huafei Technology's industrial communication products have served more than 100 metro projects in more than 20 cities across the country, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan, etc. Diversified products are widely used in rail transit PIS, integrated monitoring, CCTV, AFC, access control, PSD and other different systems to meet the multi-scenario business requirements of urban rail transit. The HDMI high-definition video transmission equipment applied to the video monitoring system of Chongqing Rail Transit Line 10 Phase II has the advantages of long transmission distance, wide frequency band, strong anti-interference performance, high safety performance, small size, light weight, etc., and is suitable for long-distance and special environment transmission. It can provide more real-time, more detailed and clear video, so it can be well applied in public places where people flow, vehicles and goods flow density, and can provide high-resolution image video information for key places such as subway entrances and platforms.


After the opening of the second phase of Chongqing Rail Transit Line 10, it will be put into operation with the first phase of Rail Transit Line 10, which will continuously cross the Yangtze River and Jialing River, connect the core areas of the two rivers and four banks with the densest population and the most concentrated urban functions, drive the urban renewal of the old city, share the passenger flow pressure of the rail transit line 3, realize the rapid access of Jiangbei Airport, Chongqing North Station and other important transportation hubs throughout the city, and form a series of Liangjiang New Area, Yubei District The north-south backbone channel of Jiangbei District, Yuzhong District and Nan'an District. Huafei Technology is very honored to help the development of rail transit in Chongqing and better serve the general public at the dawn of the Spring Festival. In the new year, we will not forget our original intention to continue to innovate, develop more smart urban rail applications, meet the multi-scenario business needs of urban rail transit, and release more potential in the construction of China's rail transit power!