The "smart road" runs the "smart car", and Huafei Technology Industrial Switch boosts the coordinated development of the car and road!

Unmanned vehicles flicker and move freely in the evening peak traffic flow, which is the scene that happens every day in the high-level automatic driving demonstration area of Beijing in Yizhuang. At present, the demonstration area has built 329 intelligent networking standard intersections within a range of more than 60 square kilometers, and has achieved full coverage of vehicle-road cloud integration functions in two-way 750 kilometers of urban roads and 10 kilometers of expressways. In the demonstration area, there are nearly 400 kinds of high-level self-driving vehicles that carry out testing and commercialized services on a regular basis, and the cumulative self-driving test mileage is more than 7 million kilometers. Not long ago, Beijing officially announced that it would start the construction of a 500-square-kilometer high-level automatic driving demonstration area with a larger scope. A new picture of future traffic is slowly unfolding... The development of automatic driving has ushered in great changes in the transportation industry. The vehicle-road coordination system is behind the real-time perception and control of traffic and road traffic. Huafei Science and Technology Industrial Switch is applied to the construction of Beijing High-level Automatic Driving Demonstration Zone to help the development of China's vehicle-road cooperation business!


The realization of automatic driving depends on "smart car", "smart road", "real-time cloud", "reliable network" and "accurate map". These systems are supported by the integrated application of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data analysis, cloud computing and the Internet of Things. The vehicle-road collaboration is the product of the accelerated integration and development of the traditional automobile industry, transportation industry and information and communication industry. The deployment of vehicle-road collaboration business can greatly improve the intellectualization of urban roads and bring intelligent benefits to all aspects. Under the vehicle-road collaboration technology, in addition to the vehicle's own sensors, the cameras and radars installed on both sides of the road can also sense the road traffic environment in real time, and send the signals to the vehicle, so that the vehicle can obtain a "God's perspective" beyond its own perception ability. The vehicle-road collaboration technology has obvious advantages!


Smart city and smart transportation are important contents of the new national infrastructure, and vehicle-road collaboration business is the core business of smart transportation in smart cities. Network is the infrastructure of vehicle-road coordination system. In the vehicle-road collaboration network scheme of a large intersection, a pole station is set up on each side of the intersection, and sensing devices (cameras, radars, etc.) and RSUs are deployed according to the vehicle-road collaboration business requirements. These pole devices are connected to the pole switch; All pole switches and convergence routers form a ring type access roadside network. The convergence router connects the roadside edge computing platform at the same time, transmits the information data collected by the sensing device to edge computing in real time for fusion sensing and AI analysis, and sends the results of edge computing output to vehicles and traffic participants at the intersection through RSU. The access road side network adopts ring type, which is to save optical fiber resources and prevent single fiber break failure to provide network reliability. Access to the roadside network generally adopts the GE ring network and is configured with a ring network protection mechanism. Huafei Technology Industrial Switch supports the HF-Ring ring network protocol, with a self-healing time of ≤ 15ms. In case of a broken fiber fault or a switch failure on a pole, it can quickly complete the protection switching to ensure that the vehicle-road cooperation service is not affected.


The vehicle-road collaboration business is an emerging high-tech business and one of the most complex businesses in smart cities. It is still in the process of continuous development and improvement. Huafei Technology will continue to improve the vehicle-road collaboration network scheme of intelligent transportation based on its years of deep experience in the field of intelligent transportation, and help China's intelligent transportation development embark on a new journey!